Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MALAS Commencement Information, Spring 2013 | The 1st Annual Michel Foucault/Carlos Fuentes Commencement Lecture, May 19 @ 10am | Feature Lecture: Ryan Schneider, Purdue University

I know where you have to be on Sunday, May 19 @ 10am on the SDSU main campus! West Commons 220! MALAS Commencement!ALL present MALAS students are encouraged to attend with friends, family, and (best of all) prospective students! Remember! YOU are our best ambassadors!

Here's more MALAS INFO from an email sent to the program:

MALAS Familia! Friends, Students,
Alumni and Faculty of the Master of Arts
in Liberal Arts and Sciences,

It gives me great pleasure to announce
that all 12 of our MALAS Comprehensive
Exam takers have PASSED their final 
hurdle and will be graduating at Commencement,
May 19, 2013 @ 10am in West Commons 220.

Please make plans to attend with friends and family
as MALAS brings our 25th Anniversary year to a 
close with our largest graduating class ever!

Here is the official list of MALAS graduate
students being heralded at commencement--
I have placed an asterisk next to the group
of twelve that just passed their exam:

*Sean Lindsay Armijo
Trevor T Auser
*Stephanie Bobp
*Jennifer Anne Carter
*Victor Fabian Delgadillo
Yadira  Diaz
*Leticia  Gomez
Malinda Hunter Hinesley
Allison Josephine Hooker
*Diane Alexandra Becker Hunt
*Sophia Nabil Jacoub
*James Loren Johnson
Marla Carissa Laguardia
Francisco A. Miramontes
*Richard Grant Muir
*Sharon Lynn Payne
Caleb James Rainey
*Thupten  Tashi
Jonathan Areola Valdez
Jenny Mae Weisenborn
Siobhan Theresa White
*Richard James Whitehead

21 MAs for 21 extraordinary agents of interdisciplinary and cultural studies--this is the largest MALAS graduation cohort in the
program's history.

Remember, our commencement
will feature our 1st Michel Foucault/Carlos Fuentes Lecture
on Cultural Studies--Professor Ryan Schneider, from Purdue University, will treat us to a
presentation entitled:
Madness and Delinquency. . . or, What Would You 
Do if Carlos Fuentes and Michel Foucault Showed 
Up at Your MALAS Graduation Party?

MALAS Commencement is on Sunday, 10am,
in West Commons 220--no tickets are necessary
and MALAS MAs need not feel the need to wear
their graduation robes (though if you have them, why
not strut your academic finery!???).  Feel free to bring, friends,
family, and (best yet) prospective folks you think
might like to be part of the MALAS experience.

This is a renaissance year for MALAS. I am in 
debt to the College of Arts and Letters for its
ongoing support of MALAS. I am in debt as well
to the MALAS Faculty Advisory Cohort--including
its newest member Roy Whitaker, Lecturer, Religious
Studies, for their guidance and counsel during
the year.  My warm thanks to: Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, 
Professor and Chair, Women's Studies; Stuart C. Aitken, 
Professor and Chair, Geography; Peter Atterton, Professor, 
Philosophy; James Gerber, Professor, Economics; Seth Mallios,
Professor and Chair, Anthropology; Vincent Martin, Professor, 
Spanish and Portuguese; Professor, English and Comparative 
Literature, Chicana/o Studies, and Latin American Studies;
Harry Polkinhorn,Professor, English and Comparative Literature;
Director, SDSU Press; Stephen Colston, Associate Professor, History, 
and Adjunct Faculty, American Indian Studies and Chicana/o Studies;
D. J. Hopkins, Associate Professor, Director of the School of Theatre, 
Television, and Film; David Kamper, Associate Professor and Chair, 
American Indian Studies; Ghada Osman, Associate Professor and Chair, 
Linguistics; Joseph Andrew Smith, Associate Professor, Classics 
and Humanities; Edward J. Blum, Associate Professor, History;
Roberto D. Hernández, Assistant Professor, Chicana/o Studies; 
Yetta Howard Assistant Professor, English & Comparative Literature;
Amy Schmitz Weiss, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and 
Media Studies, Jonathan Ewell, Lecturer, English & CompLit and MALAS;
and the aforementioned Roy Whitaker, Lecturer, Religious Studies 
and MALAS.

Yours in MALAS,

William A. Nericcio
Director, MALAS

ps: you are also invited to our final MALAS Monthly of the
academic year at the Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights!

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