Thursday, January 24, 2019

New MALAS Seminar, Spring 2019, "The Mestizo Metropolis: Latinx and African Cultural Landscapes in the American Global City" with History Professor Angel Nieves

The Mestizo Metropolis
Latinx and African Cultural Landscapes 
in the American Global City
Dr. Angel Nieves 

The Simpsons Visit “Little Ethiopia”
This hybrid lecture class will focus on the strategic roles that emerging Latinx and African communities play in various urban centers across the U.S. – including cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and New Orleans – by exploring how both groups establish and maintain distinctive social and cultural identities in the American metropolis. Beginning our investigation in the 19th century, we will develop a broad historical approach to evolving community realities, and will focus on the continuing demographic changes of the present generation. We will study this present-day process using current interdisciplinary theories of globalization, diaspora, and nation-building. The varying forms of cultural expression, production, and representation of both groups will be explored through film, literature, art, architecture, and the media. In small groups students will develop a cultural landscape report for a building, place, neighborhood, region, or city with a growing Latinx and/or African immigrant community. For their final project, students will develop a Google Site for public display and dissemination. 

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