Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New MALAS Spring 2018 Seminar! World Cities with Professor Kate Swanson

Course MALAS-600C 
Section 02 
Schedule # 22092 
1100-1215 TTH 
Professor K. Swanson

Around the world, cities are growing at an incredible speed, particularly in Asia and Africa where megacities continue to increase in number. Along with this growth, new issues are emerging including rising inequality, environmental pollution, racialized segregation, growing slums, crime and violence. Municipalities are responding by restructuring and gentrifying urban spaces to attract economic growth, often at the expense of the poor. In this course, we focus on cities mostly outside of the United States in order to understand how rapid urban growth is reshaping cities around the world. Themes include: neoliberalism, migration, megacities, slums, segregation, sustainability, gentrification, crime, resistance movements, and alternative urban futures. 

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