Thursday, December 21, 2017

New MALAS Spring 2018 Seminar with Professor Anh Hua | WOMEN AND VIOLENCE

Women's Studies 572/MALAS 600C
Women and Violence

Women and Violence will examine the forms and types of violence against women, including intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and socio-cultural, economic, political, and epistemic violence.  This course will focus on violence against women in the United States and globally.  Themes include:  
  • context of violence against women; power and emotional dynamics in domestic violence
  • the interrelation of gender, race, class and sexuality in interpersonal violence
  • violence against women of color
  • abuse in same-sex relationships
  • media, sexual violence and the objectification of women’s bodies
  • masculinity and violence; gender, war and violence
  • gendered and sexual violence on university campuses
  • politics of healing, empathy and global compassion
  • and the use of art and creativity to heal various traumas

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