Sunday, December 11, 2016

New MALAS Graduate Seminar, Spring 2017: GENDER AND RHETORIC

MALAS 600D/RWS 730
Body Language: Gender and Rhetoric
Professor Suzanne Bordelon

This graduate seminar, a collaboration between the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies and the MALAS Program, explores the intersection of gender, rhetoric, and the body. As Jack Selzer explains, in recent years scholars have noted the “rhetorical turn,” in both the liberal arts and the sciences. Although this turn has made various fields more reflective about disciplinary practices, particularly in terms of language, “it has consequently deflected scholarly attention from material realities and toward the way those realities are represented in text” (4). However, scholars, especially those in Rhetoric and Composition, have stressed that the material and the body matter: they contribute to rhetorical action and, thus, deserve our attention. We will begin our study by examining the term gender itself, both from popular and theoretical perspectives. We then will investigate the work of scholars concerned with the embodiment of the feminine in the rhetorical tradition. More specifically, we will explore efforts to regender and to enact new methods and methodologies of research for approaching the history of rhetoric. During the second unit of the term, we will focus on gendered sites, genres, and styles of rhetoric. We will read essays that will “expand rhetorical realms, complicate analytical terms, and recognize gendered means of persuasion” (Buchanan and Ryan). In the third unit, we will examine the intersection of gender, rhetoric, and the body in contemporary times, particularly depictions of bodies in the media. The class will be structured both as a seminar and as a writing workshop. It will serve as a laboratory for you to test out and discuss your ideas, as well as a place for you to practice and enhance your academic writing abilities.

Section Details:

Course Title
Schedule #
Seminar 1530-1810 M AH-2111 S. BORDELON
Full Title
Seminar: Gender and Rhetoric
MALAS seminars are divided into four general areas with content that varies semester to semester. Each course may be repeated once with new content. See Class Schedule for specific content. Maximum credit six units for each of the following courses: MALAS 600A, 600B, 600C, 600D.
Graduate standing.
04 May also be taken as RWS 730. Not open to students currently enrolled in or with prior credit in RWS 730 "Sem: Gender and Rhetoric."
ZL The following student levels are allowed: Graduate.

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