Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Fall MALAS Fall 2016 Seminar! MALAS-600A A SHORT HISTORY OF EVIL w/ Professor DREW THOMASES

RS 580/MALAS 600 A Short History of Evil

This course explores “evil,” both its meaning, and how the language of evil has been used by diverse religious communities. We will address a wide range of subject matter, including but not limited to portrayals of Satan and hell, Buddhist and Hindu conceptions of demons, literature on the Holocaust, and contemporary conversations about war, terrorism, and torture. Ultimately, the goal is not simply to identify instances of evil, but instead to see how different people use the word and concept of “evil” in order to articulate complex feelings of loss, fear, and alienation. The course combines scholarly material with literature, art, and film, the idea being that all types of media inform the way we perceive and understand evil in our world.

MALAS-600A  01
3 Units / Seminar
1600-1840 Mondays

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