Monday, April 14, 2014

Does San Diego State Offer a Masters Degree in American Studies... Yes! It's Called MALAS!

We often get asked here at MALAS, the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences, if San Diego State offers an MA in American Studies.

Technically, the answer is no. While the Department of English and Comparative Literature used to offer a program in American Studies, that went the way of the world about the time SDSU's amazing Americanists, Larry McCaffery and Sinda Gregory went emeritus on us.

Today, in 2014, however, there is a way to do American Studies and receive an MA in Cultural Studies with an American Studies emphasis.   You guessed it! MALAS.  Go to our website, look around and contact our graduate director, Dr. William A. Nericcio; his email address is You will soon see that building an American Studies MA from the host of classes offered across the College of Arts and Letters and beyond is easy with MALAS. While our acronym is not officially Master of Arts in Lively American Studies, you will feel that it is by the time you finish your MA.

PS: MALAS has sent 5 graduate MAs on to PhD programs in the last two years--two in American Studies, one in Education, one in Literature, and one in Media Studies.

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