Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MALAS Helps Sponsor Suzan-Lori Parks @ SDSU | May 4, 2011


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Update! The Reviews of the SUSAN LORI PARKS gig are in!

-- From Director of the TTF Randy Reinholz, emailed as the event was in progress: "What a great night we are having with SLP."

-- From Professor Margaret Larlham: "What a triumph for all!"

-- From Professor Peter Cirino: "Many of my students attended and were completely impressed with her. They couldn't stop talking about her."

-- From San Diego theatre critic Pat Launer: "What an inspiring speech! It was better than a commencement speech."

-- From Grad Student Alex Matsuo: "Today was a GREAT day. Suzan-Lori Parks was so amazing and inspiring!"

-- From Undergrad Courtney Howard: "my new response to those asking if I am nervous about graduating and moving to Los Angeles... 'it hasn't occurred to me to be afraid yet.' (quote from Suzan-Lori Parks, my new girl crush)"

-- From alumni Patrick Kelly: "Suzan-Lori Parks was so inspiring last night, I am now planning on spending some of my weekend trip to Joshua Tree meditating on my art :-)"

-- From a lower-division student in my 100-level class: "Wow. What can i say except what an inspirational human being. I didn't know anything about this woman before going to the Don Powell theatre, and leaving I knew a lot about her, and even more about myself."

-- And a facebook status from alumni Derek Smith: "Suzan-Lori Parks was the best."

MALAS is proud to have co-sponsored this remarkable campus event!

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