Friday, April 15, 2011

MALAS Approved Summer Graduate Courses

click to enlarge or go here for the SDSU Summer 2011 schedule...

Be aware that all of these classes have prerequisites--write the individual professors, identify yourself as a graduate student in the MALAS program, and get clearance to take these seminars! Cheers, your fearless leader,

Bill Nericcio
Director, MALAS

ps: Thanks to new, incoming Fall 2011 MALAShead, Francisco Miramontes, for spelunking the meager SDSU summer course listings--let me know if you run across a killer summer SDSU course, 500-level and above, that should be added to this list.  Who belongs on the list? Top-shelf professors teaching cutting edge topics regardless of field...  That's the MALAS credo, "always curious, always learning"...

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