Friday, September 24, 2010

Brilliant Video! An Idea Placeholder for the MALAS mediaPOD


thanx to L.P.T.-Dean, below who tipped me to this update video....


  1. To change society you will ultimately need the permssion of the rich and powerful, who in return will demand concessions. Who else is going to publish your thoughts and publicize them? The internet? On a modest income? Someone talented at thinking about a particular issue is not equally talented when it comes to public relations, legal protections, or other important ways of safeguarding the transmission of original thoughts. It is for this reason that the unsanctioned, original man or woman is a danger to the status quo, whom must be bribed or relegated to menial labor, being surrounded stupid, vain enterprises of an indoctrinated and well-programmed society. That's my sour opinion, at least. You can have your own.

  2. Amazing! And it makes a lot of sense.


    I noticed your Steven Johnson post and I had seen his TED speech a few weeks back. Enjoy over a starbucks.

    Landon Thurber-Dean